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Welcome to the first blog from our new series, Marketing Minds in Melbourne! This is a series where we will dive into the thoughts and experiences of influential figures shaping the marketing landscape in the vibrant city of Melbourne.

In this edition, Managing Recruitment Consultant at Searchability, Shannon Harrison, engages in a compelling Q&A session with Samantha Gray, the Head of Social Media at Melbourne Social Co. Get ready to explore the insights, ins and outs, and advice in the realm of social media marketing…

Let’s start by learning more about your journey in the field of social media marketing. How did you get into social media and what made you choose this particular sector of marketing?

Samantha Gray (SG): “Growing up, I always enjoyed spending time coding my MySpace profile, and teaching myself how to use Photoshop — It was a hobby I really enjoyed!

There were no Social Media subjects at High School, or even Uni — so I chose to study Media and Communications. By the time I finished my degree, companies started hiring Social Media Interns — this felt like the perfect position for me! To this day, I still think how amazing it is that my high school hobby turned into a job, for anyone, let alone me!”

What’s your greatest achievement in your career so far?

SG: “I am proud that I was able to climb up the ranks to my current position as head of Social Media. In this position, I’ve had the chance to work with incredible companies such as DoorDash, Fitbit, and TFE Hotels. Pitching or working with these companies, and being respected for my expertise is always a rewarding moment.”

What are your social media ins for 2024? Reasons why are welcomed!

SG: “I’d say going native (or low-fi) and leaving polished content at the door, speaking person to person (Employee Generated Content is going to be huge), and Twitter! Twitter is where I find the funniest content — trends start here and then trickle to other platforms.”

What are your social media outs for 2024? Again, reasons why are welcomed.

SG: “Hesitation towards video — it’s time to catch up and get on Reels and TikTok if you haven’t already, and also waiting until a competitor has jumped on a trend to see if it’s viable for your company – you’ve got to be the one leading the way!”

What are you most excited about for 2024 professionally?

SG: “We are working on some super exciting pitches for brands known around the globe — can’t wait to win these pitches and get started (we’re manifesting in 2024). For more people to discover Melbourne Social Co — We are experts, and in my humble opinion, producing the best organic and influencer campaigns in the country.”

Melbourne Social Co Team

Is there anything you wish you could tell a more junior you?

SG: It’s PR not ER! Just because you are passionate, detail-oriented and well-researched doesn’t mean your strategy will fit every client.”

Are there any brands’ social presence that you are excited to see this year?

SG: “I’m excited to see the brands that jump head-first into video content and those who speak to their audience where they want to be met.”

Is there anything you’re working on personally that you would like to share?

SG: “Our Weekly Trend Report outlines the latest social media industry and pop culture news and highlights trending sounds and videos across TikTok and Instagram — it’s a great place for businesses to keep informed. Listen to Approved to learn about our Head of Production, Hannah and Strategy and Client Relations Executive, Nicole chat about all things social media.”

You can learn more about Melbourne Social Co on their website and LinkedIn.

For future posts be sure to follow Shannon Harrison.

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