9 Tell-tale signs it’s time for a new job

9 Tell-tale signs you're in the wrong job

Live to Work or Work to Live? It’s the age old question! Of course we all go to work, because ultimately we need to earn money to live, but considering we spend the majority of our lives working it seems mad to think so many people are in jobs they don’t enjoy. It’s easy to get settled into a job that isn’t quite right, but it’s also simple to change that! Here are 9 Tell-tale signs it’s time for a new job, if you recognise them it may be time for a change!


  1. You HATE Mondays

Mondays get a lot of stick – mainly because you’ve enjoyed your weekend lie ins and the freedom of being away from your desk. Sure we’re not all wishing the weekend away to start work, but that anxious feeling of dread on a Sunday night shouldn’t happen on a weekly basis.

  1. You clock watch

You count the hours (and minutes… and seconds) until finish time and always shoot out the door immediately. If you’re in a job you love you’ll find yourself glancing at the clock thinking “God when did it get to half past two?”, Days should fly by, not drag on and on!

  1. It doesn’t play to your abilities

Everyone has a strength. Some people are fierce salesmen, others quiet and creative, your job should match your abilities! You don’t want to be stuck in a call centre when your passion is for performing arts! Think about what you are great at and turn it into a career!

  1. You lack belief in the company and your bosses

It might not be that you’re in the wrong job, maybe you are just in the wrong place! You have to believe in your company and feel supported by your bosses. Don’t like these two things then you’ll find it hard to enjoy your job!

  1. Every day is the same

Repetition makes each day drag, we need variety in our career to feel active and engaged with what we’re doing. Not getting it in your current role? This could be a major factor to not enjoying your job role!

  1. You can’t progress

Who wants to tread water, stay in the same place and ultimately end your career as you started – except with a few more wrinkles that is! If there isn’t an opportunity to progress, look for a company that can offer this!

  1. Your embarrassed of your job

Ever met somebody new and felt embarrassed to tell them what you do? If you feel like your job is below your capabilities then do something about it! Be proud of what you do!

  1. It’s not about the money

Sometimes you can feel frustrated in your job if the salary is low, but if you can honestly say you wouldn’t enjoy what you do if they doubled your salary then you are in trouble! You spend too much of your life at work to stay in a job you hate just for the money – something to bare in mind if your boss ever counter-offers you when you go to leave!

  1. You want a new job

Pretty simple this one!


If that sounds like you then start searching for a change! Need a little help? Check out LinkedIn tips to help find your new job and  How to get your CV noticed.


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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