Facing a Counter-Offer

Choosing what is best for you and your career….

Okay so this bit can be a little bit awkward, but don’t stress! In almost all cases, if you have made the decision to resign then you should stick with it. You know the journey you have been on to get to this stage so it never really makes sense to waver from it at the very last step — however, this has always got to be 100% your decision. You need to do what is right for you, don’t let any agency, your current employer or anybody else tell you what to do.

You are almost definitely going to get a counter-offer, probably one at significantly more than your current offer due to the reasons cited below, if you choose to take it that is your decision and one that will be accepted with good grace albeit reluctantly by your new company, but you may want to consider the following before you commit to anything...

The Counter-Offer

80% of candidates who accept a counter offer from their current employer end up leaving within 6 months – this is usually down to candidates not considering these points…

  1. Delayed Recognition

    If you only secured a pay rise / promotion after handing in your notice you may want to consider why this wasn’t recognised by your employer before.
  2. Replacing you will cost them

    It can cost an employer as much as 213% of your salary to replace you, so make sure they are asking you to stay for the right reasons.
  3. Your reason to move

    Remember what motivated you to move in the first place – will the counter-offer fulfil those wants and needs?
  4. Your career

    A career move now could help you get to where you want to be in the future,examine whether the same progression and development opportunities will be there with your current employer.
  5. Your employers reaction

    It could get awkward with your employer if you do stay, as they’ll know that you were actively looking and interviewing elsewhere, so bear this in mind.

If the counter-offer isn't going to give you what you want then remember - you have done the hard part, so you don't need to fall at the last hurdle! At some point in every career there comes a time to take on a new challenge and leave a business. Trust your gut, and do what's right for YOU!

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