Providing References

As part of the recruitment process following your offer we will request two references* for your new employer, here’s how this works…

*Reference process may differ depending on the role / company


Here’s a few tips to help you obtain your references…

  1. Who can you include as a reference?

    • Manager in your current or previous role
    • Colleague you work closely with in your current or previous role
    • HR or internal recruitment contact who placed you in your previous role
    • Education Leader from recent studies or qualifications
  2. What information do you need to provide for a referee?

    • Referee Name
    • Job title
    • Company email address
    • Contact number
  3. What information is obtained in a reference?

    • Verification employment records (dates, job role, responsibilities)
    • Reference of performance in this role
    • Ask if they would recommend you to next employer

If you haven't submitted your reference details already please submit these to [email protected]

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