Expand Your Connections With LinkedIn

expand your connections with linkedin

It is undeniable that social media plays a huge part in our world today. Options abound from sharing pictures to forming business networks. Being able to connect with thousands of people has its benefits for anyone trying to market their product or ideas.

Why is LinkedIn a good choice for me?

LinkedIn can help you form connections to help your business grow. It is a great resource for job recruiters. By allowing job seekers and recruiters to browse the profiles of potential candidates, it can serve as a giant job fair at the tips of your fingers. Instead of sifting through a thousand would be applicants, those with job openings can quickly get down to the exact kind of candidates they are looking for. This undoubtedly saves the time of both the job seeker, and that of those looking to fill jobs.

How can LinkedIn expand my business connections?

As a social media specializing in professional contacts, LinkedIn offers a multitude of opportunities to fill that job opening, or simply to become more acquainted with people who are in your field. By browsing for interesting candidates via the sites search feature, you can send messages and information to an endless pool of talent. The ability to instantly message any potential candidate allows for a streamlined efficient means to conduct in depth interviews with anyone you may be interested in recruiting. Long gone are the days of scheduling countless interviews in your office or playing phone tag trying to catch up with a potential asset to your company.

How does LinkedIn know know what connections would benefit me?

LinkedIn has several ways of finding exactly who you should be networking with. By comparing your current profile and connections, LinkedIn will recommend connections that may benefit you. These recommendations are based upon the people you are connected with, and your field of expertise. Another option available to the recruiter is the ability to manually search the profiles of your connections to see if they may know others that could fill your companies need. Another great option is the ability to share connections with people. This will not only allow you to help a fellow recruiter when you know someone who fills their need, but also allows them to help you in return. In business, what goes around comes around.

As you can see, LinkedIn provides countless benefits for the job recruiter or any business. Anyone looking to streamline their hiring practices should look into this valuable tool. Those looking to build a reputation in their field should too! With instant connections available, the time you will save can be put towards other pressing needs. Without a doubt, we can all use a little extra time, so try LinkedIn today!

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