Four Superfoods to Increase Productivity in the Office

Lets be honest, the nine to five slog is enough to haul anyone down. Your stress levels are maxed out, the mid week fatigue is creeping up on you and consuming copious amounts of caffeine is become just second nature. You’re counting the minutes till Friday.

The thought of healthy eating can seem physically exhausting to the most of us and although better tasting alternatives are way too tempting to ignore, you may be surprised to hear that it’s actually the stuff being cramming down your throat that’s making you to feel like absolute… (you know what)

But don’t sweat, we’re not suggesting a complete revamp of your lifestyle, to ditch the chips and start meditating six times a day- not at all. Here are just a few quick hacks to add into your day to kick the some of the office blues:

coconut water

Beat the mid day fatigue with coconut water

Naturally hydrating and proven to hydrate more effectively than your top sports drink. Coconut water is herald for its great health benefits and nutritional content. Low in fat and almost zero calories but this superfood bursting with vital vitamins and minerals. It’s known for its high levels of potassium which can help maintain your brain, heart and muscles- all important stuff. And even if it’s not your taste try mixing it into a smoothie with berries to mask the flavor but still reap in the benefits.

Quick coconut water smoothie recipe here


Boost your concentration eating nuts

Nuts are possibly one of the most understated superfoods of all. They helps prevent cancer, naturally lowers your cholesterol and helps with weight loss as they make feel you feel full more easily. This brain food can really improve your concentration particularly pistachios rich in Vitamin-B, walnuts full of fatty acids and peanuts which contain zinc which plays a key role in your nerve transmission improving your concentration.


Memory lapse? Try Salmon

If you’re a fan of seafood this is perfect. We’ve all heard Jamie Oliver bang on about Omega -3 but there is a reason for this. It reduces your chances of getting cancer, adds shinning to your eyes, hair and nails and it helps keep your brain working smoothly and improve your memory. Bye-bye brain fog. Just beware of the smells it might bring to the office!


Hide a hangover from your boss with bananas

So you’ve done it again, downed one too many and now you’re faced with all the regrets from last night. Due to alcohols increased ‘lose water’ effect a banana can replace vital electrolytes that contain certain nutrients for your body which are lost when drinking – basically making you feel more human!

So there we have it, a few quick and easy ways to help sack off the office blues and encourage a more healthy and productive you. If you would like anymore information about how to improve your office dynamic please contact Searchability.


Rachael Roberts- Digital Campaign Coordinator, Searchability

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