Future HR challenges of Mobile Global Talent

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HR practices and strategies are now in an era of transformation and change. The HR policies are being re-thought, reformed and implemented;  focused and concentrated on global  and mobile talent. It is well known fact that the next generation of workers crave for global and flexible working capabilities.  The world will become seamless and appear as a single working place to the mobile global workforces of the near future. Therefore, the new HR strategies must be formulated with the goal of embracing mobility and to adapt to cloud computing.

The coming era is one of global talent. No one desires to be hidden and offer self-less service within the territories of their own nations. The employees of tomorrow will be  ready to take up any challenges which would enhance their career growth and prospects. They will plan to move and work in new cities, new countries and different  continents. It is a golden opportunity for the organizations to hire the best of the world employees too. This phenomenon of mobility and fluidity of employees creates an increasing need for innovation and adoption of new technologies. As result, the employees find their career and professional life grown and enhanced whilst the companies are able to reduce their overall costs and to increase employee satisfaction and retention. For this the companies are required to have global level management and cloud technology to manage global relocation, benefits and needs. In the coming days, the challenges will be to get to grips with the new digital workplace and manage consumerisation. Cloud computing must be adopted in order to manage the global mobility of employees in a central and seamless way. The HR managers can make use of the cloud to do global talent management and connect with employees across multiple cities and countries.

In the near future, the global talent mobility and management of employees across nations will be a great challenge for the HR departments of tomorrow whilst tomorrows global talent will flourish as they seek and find opportunities across the globe.



I think the world of work tomorrow will be unrecognisable from that of today and the challenges to both candidates and HR alike will be both exacting and exciting.

Quent Bendele


Original article:: Talent mobility for the next generation: The future of HR

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