Getting past the first 90 seconds of an Interview

Research has been carried out which reveals that potential employers/interviewers can make a judgement on a person’s suitability within the first 90 seconds of an interview. How do they do this? Their experience basically gives them a gut instinct as to who would be a good fit for their company. Science has been done that indeed proves that quick and gut driven decisions are in most cases correct.
So it’s true …First impressions definitely do count.
So what do you have to look out for, and work on, to achieve the outcome you are hoping for?
You must arrive on time. Don’t arrive too early but you must not be late. Pay meticulous attention to the way you dress, its appropriateness and how professional you look is paramount. If your presentation is delivered via video ensure your “stage” is clean and uncluttered.
Just getting this right gives a positive message as regards organisation and professionalism.
In the first 90 seconds you are unlikely to have to field too many questions but you must pay attention to the non verbal aspects that are so important. Remember that you must maintain eye contact and you should have a smiley demeanour and you must also ensure that you do not fidget.
Fidgeting portrays somebody who is uncertain about their ability to do the job they are interviewing for.
So there you have it. To get past the first 90 seconds leaving a positive impression with the interviewer you must:

Be on time.
Dress smartly and appropriately.
If doing a video link ensure your “stage” is clean and minimalist.
Maintain eye to eye contact
Don’t fidget

Good Luck to you all

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