Getting your Company Culture Right

Getting your Company Culture Right

Finding the right employees to join your company can be a difficult task. You need to make sure candidates have the relevant experience as well as the right attitude to work within your current team. The process of recruitment can often be a drawn-out process, which is why it is even more disappointing when your top talent decides to leave. Getting your Company Culture Right is imperative to retaining top talent, read our top tips to improve yours now:


When new employees start it is really important to try and integrate them into the company as quickly and smoothly as possible. One of the top reasons people leave during their probation period is that they felt they did not have a structured training programme in place. Nobody wants to feel ‘in the way’ or ‘out of their depth’ so the best way to overcome this is with a structured training regime. Set clear targets and goals when the employee starts and review their progress at regular intervals. This should help them feel supported by you as a boss as well as motivated to meet their goals.

Adopt a clear company vision

As well as setting clear goals within an employees training programme it is important to communicate this throughout the entire business. Depending on your company size you should try and have regular meetings to review progress and set clear targets for the business as a whole. Meetings should be used as a time to motivate your staff rather than grill them on what mistakes have been made so try and use these times to focus on how you can collectively achieve your goals.

Support their health and well-being

Many companies have seen a positive response from providing their employees with health related benefits in work. This could be anything from a gym membership, dental care, childcare vouchers or even providing them with fitness equipment. The healthier your staff are, the more likely they are to be more active and engaged during work! An active lifestyle boosts your immune system so it can even help cut staff absences from illness! Win win!

Promote teamwork

Now I’m not necessarily suggesting a team bonding trip to the outdoors or anything but having regular social events / activities really does help to boost morale and social interaction between staff members. This can be anything as simple as going for a drink after work at your local pub or hosting a company ball! People are more likely to stay in a job if they get on with their work colleagues so this is pretty crucial to retaining talent.

Promote a work-life balance

Obviously you want to encourage your employees to work hard but you have to remember that these people work to live rather than live to work. You need to show employees that you understand this by promoting a healthy work-life balance. Some companies offer flexi-time so that employees can adjust their commute to avoid busy traffic / spend more time with their children in the evenings. Another way to encourage this is with paid holiday leave; you could offer employees their birthday off as a free bonus day off or increase the allocated holiday time in line with how long they are at the company for.

So there are 5 simple tips on Getting your Company Culture Right. If you can work these into your business then you should see a happier workforce!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)


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