Great Ways to Grow Your Superstar Team

There is a lot of competition in our world today, so anyone who has ever been in charge of hiring knows how hard it is to sift through a vast amount of applicants and pick a genuine superstar and grow your superstar team. Social media is starting to make that process just a little easier.

As a hirer – how do I get started and find a genuine superstar?

You have to have a solid foundation even before you can begin an activity like this. You must have social media platforms and profiles that will attract the superstars. They need to see what is so good about your company, and they need to see it fast.

Where do I look for the superstars?

You will need to do some research and figure out what platforms the people you are looking for are on. If you pick a platform that is outdated and unused you will probably not succeed. Certain platforms entice certain professions, however. Find out what entices your superstars and start with that platform.

How will I sift through all the information I get?

This is where Google comes in. You have to know how to use it, and use it effectively. Google your prospective superstars and make sure they are right for the job. Search their online profiles on LinkedIn – you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much information turns up.

The best thing to do is start now! Social media is not going away. Find out all you can about it now, and just keep on learning from there.

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