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With the flood of resumes in many HR offices’ in-boxes, hiring managers are forced to look for key phrases and qualifications in order to narrow applicants down. Over 2,200 HR professionals and hiring managers were recently polled to help determine what are the top 15 words that are looked for in a promising candidate. The results focused on accomplishment and skills and are easy to incorporate into any CV or resume.

What words were included?

Most of the words that managers want focus around areas of accomplishment in a given field.

Some accomplishment words include: won, launched, negotiated, increased/decreased, volunteered, resolved, created, managed, trained, improved.

Other words that are necessary focus on skills that are relevant to success like ideas and under budget. Most of the words impart success in past endeavors, success that managers want for themselves.

What was the number one word?

The number one word was found in over 52% of respondents making it the only one that a majority of respondents agreed on. Not surprisingly the word is “achieved”. The most likely skill that gives employers faith is a past record of achieving the results they are looking for.

If I do not use these words can I get a job?

Having all or some of the listed words is not a guarantee for employment. Needless to say the reason employers want these words is because they show evidence of factual past achievement, which first requires existence before it can really help you get a job.

A strong resume is always necessary for success. Including the words hiring managers look for is always going to help you get noticed, but in order to catch the job employers are looking for actual achievement.

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