How Are Your Confidence Levels Today?

We all struggle with insecurities at times in our life, and certainly may lack confidence on some days, it’s normal. What if there was a way to become more confident in yourself that didn’t consist of reading a self improvement book or going to a seminar?

There are people throughout the world who are confident because of a simple habit that is easily accomplished by most, complimenting themselves. That’s right, themselves. Praising and complimenting yourself, actually saying it out loud, has been said to have a very positive effect on many people that practice doing it consistently.

Are we saying that just talking yourself up everyday builds confidence?

Well it’s a great start, but believe it or not another way to build yourself up is to help others. Yes, focusing on other people besides yourself will benefit you 100% guaranteed. Not only do you feel great when lending a helping hand, you in turn make the person(s) you’re helping feel great too, and it is never a bad thing to have a good reputation. You may also find that when you need help, you will have some support in your time of need.

When can you start?

Immediately. Start by telling yourself you look amazing in that dress, or stunning in that suit. Spend some time with your parents, grandparents if you have them, help them with things you know are difficult for them. Throughout the day be grateful for what you do have, think positive thoughts.

You have the power and ability to create your reality, and the things you can’t control, accept them and continue to live your life.

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