How to get the Honeymoon feeling back in your Career

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It’s no lie that relationships have a tendency to lose their sparkle over time. From that first exciting Tinder match, fun filled dates and travelling with your other half you soon find yourself in day-to-day routines, boring bills and a lot less romance in your life. It’s pretty much the same in our careers. If you’ve ever had a job that suddenly makes you feel stuck in the same old cycle of monotonous tasks you’ll know the feeling. What happened to those first months of new projects, week night beers with your team mates and the genuine desire to get up and go to work in the morning?! Fear not, this feeling isn’t gone forever – you just need a bit of advice to get the Honeymoon feeling back in your Career…


Before you let the feeling of impending doom take over to the point you want to quit you need to take a second and stop. Take a few days holiday off work, have a proper break from work and let yourself get back to feeling normal. Whether you take a two week break to the Maldives or just a long walk on your lunch, these breaks let you take stock of what’s happened and de-stress from the work worries.

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What makes you happy?

Get a pen and paper (or iPhone notes whatever works for you) and make a list of the parts of your job that you do actually enjoy… if you’re drawing a blank we have a bigger problem here! BUT if you can think of a few things e.g. your office colleagues, specific projects or accounts, admin tasks etc. you will start to build a picture of how you can make your job something you’ll love again! Not saying ditch the things you hate straight away, but talk to your manager and see if there’s any way your role could be focused more on these positive aspects.

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Talk to someone

If you’re feeling out of love with your job then chances are some of your colleagues may have experienced the same heartache themselves. If you have a team of trusted people around you then speak up and tell them what’s worrying you. Don’t start moaning and bitching though, that never ends well, think of it more as a therapeutic vent to someone who might be able to offer you friendly advice.

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Ask for what you want!

If you’re sat at work fuming about the fact you haven’t had a pay rise for 4 years, unhappy about the team you’re in or wishing you had more responsibility then say something! Your boss is probably super busy and might not pick up on your unhappiness if you don’t speak up! I’m sure they’d rather hear your concerns now while there’s time to do something about it, rather than in the exit interview!

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Take up opportunities

If your company offers a range of perks or is willing to pay for additional training and qualifications then don’t ignore it! This could be just the thing to give you a lift in your job, whether it’s conquering a Social Media Training course or simply taking advantage of the company football season tickets!

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Consider an *internal* career change

So you love your office, the people, the company culture, the locations perfect for you BUT you’re bored of doing the same old job. Before you hit the job boards why not shop around in your own company – there may be a progression opportunities or the chance to switch to a different department to reignite that career passion for you!

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So there you have it 6 tips to reignite the Honeymoon feeling back in your Career. If these don’t work for you then it could be time to break-up! (psst check out our blog: 9 Tell-tale signs it’s time for a new job)


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