How to negotiate your salary

Negotiate your salary

The next most important thing after the interview, and a subsequent job offer,  is to competently negotiate your salary and conditions.

Facing the employer and attending the interview is a very nerve-wrecking task for the candidate. But once he cracks the interview, there comes the part where he would have to negotiate his salary. On the other hand, it is very important for the employer to choose an efficient candidate.

One of the articles in the Forbes magazine suggests a few tips that a candidate can use to get a good salary package. It’s always good to research about the company that you attend to and make an extensive research about the average salary that is paid to people who are on similar designations or levels. This would help in stating a good package to the employer. Also never state the salary that you have in mind before the employer says it. This is always a good chance for you to talk for a package higher than what they offer you. Employers on the other hand need to try as much as possible to try and get the salary that the candidate has in mind. This would give you an idea to start off with your offering package. There would be times where the candidate states a lesser package than what you would have offered.

It is important for the candidate to crack the interview and then sell himself to get a good deal for the work that he would be doing. But it is also important not to oversell himself. On the other hand, the employers need to weigh the pros and cons of selecting the right candidate. It is always better to have an efficient candidate at a little higher price than having an inefficient candidate at a lesser price. This would save time, effort and also increase the growth rate and profit of the company.

Its always a tricky one this as you need both to neither undersell nor oversell yourself at the same time. Do your research and think about what you want. Know the company, the market and your worth before you negotiate.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).


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