How To Use Social Media To Land Your Next Job

best social media for Universities tips

It’s no real secret to Graduates that social media has taken off exponentially in the last several years, but did you know it’s also become a major avenue for job hunting and finding your next career move?

Besides Linkedin, the most well known career platform in the world, other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are also great places to find employment opportunities with different businesses. You can even use Pinterest for more visual and exciting resume ideas! Check out the sites and suggestions listed below to get on your way to finding a great job.

1. Facebook – By simply liking pages, you will get updates that may lead to links to available positions. Keep your work, education, and professional skills info public and current so it is visible to prospective employers. Hide and protect anything that you don’t want the general public to see.

2. Twitter – Following businesses, tweeting and re-tweeting other people, searching hashtags on a tidy, professional account can all lead to a dream job. Another Twitter tip for job hunters is using Twitter Chats – where an intense flurry of exchanges on a certain topic can often lead you to more interesting insights and new followers.

3. Tumblr – Searching job tags and other Tumblr account profiles has the potential to find some amazing job opportunities. Set up your own free Tumblr account and allow others to easily find and follow you.

4. Linkedin – This is the network used most by business professionals, and you could land a career by connecting, sharing, searching, and putting yourself out there.

5. Pinterest – Believe it or not, Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and pet photos any more. Follow Pinterest boards with new job opportunities and helpful tips, and even pin your own resume – this gives you the ability to put certain aspects into the spotlight and even add links and photos.

Social media isn’t just for fun anymore. It’s for communicating in a fresh, timely and visually attractive way. It is well worth your time and energy in learning how to use it correctly to connect to authority figures and other companies when looking for employment. It’s not all about job hunting though – following these creative tips may land you the career step that you’ve always wanted.

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