It’s Summer Makeover Time – For Your CV and Resume

The traditional boring old resume is getting its well-deserved place in the trash. Employers are no longer interested in the boring ramblings of job seekers. The tips we all learned in University or college about putting together a well thought out polished CV or resume are now being replaced by your passions and strengths being expressed in a new creative way.

What percentage of traditional resumes lead to a job offer?

You may be surprised that the answer to this question is only around 1%. Employers are tired of seeing the same old cookie cutter resume and are opting to see more expressive ways that potential employees are using to get noticed. Snagging the job of your dreams takes a little more creativity in today’s job market.

What are some of the new creative ways to promote yourself to potential Employers?

You can tell your unique story through websites such as Think of it as a creative slideshow that shows pictures and statements about your job history, educational background and what makes you who you are and who you would like to become. There are also new websites such as that can help in putting together an innovative resume. This site allows you to combine your social media profiles and any audio or video you want to create a simple, yet beautiful website that promotes your qualifications.

What website can help to create a truly unique new type of resume (we use it almost on a daily basis)?

The answer is YouTube. Creating a video cover letter gives employers a better understanding for who you are.

We now live in an era where technology and media run our lives. So it’s definitely makeover time for your CV or Resume. Traditions are dying and traditional paper resumes are about to rest in peace. So be creative young job seekers and express yourself to your potential employers with innovation.

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