LinkedIn Professional Publisher – Is Everyone A Blogger Now?

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In order to give their members a powerful new way to build their professional brands, LinkedIn is now opening up the all new publishing platform feature to every member. This new Professional Publisher functionality could be a real game changer. It’s potentially seen as the biggest positive change to LinkedIn in many years since it enables any LinkedIn member to become a professional blogger. Well, kind of, depending on the quality of content that’s published of course.

By using this platform LinkedIn members (free or Pro) will have the ability to follow other members that are not in their network and build their own group of followers. The content published by a member will become part of their professional profile and can be shared across their network and Pulse – the recently acquired news feed service. It gives a member’s profile a better ability to reach a larger group of professionals.

Which is the key benefit of the LinkedIn Professional Publisher platform?

The key benefit of the LinkedIn Professional Publisher platform is it provides a professional outlet and online area for each member and potentially provides free publicity for your member profile. Members can share their expertise by posting text, photos, images, videos and their original presentations via Slide Share. They can follow other members that are not in their network and build their own group of followers.

Is the new LinkedIn Professional Publisher platform user friendly?

Definitely. The new platform allows you to access and define your profile with ease. There will be a pop up screen appearing when you go to the right most side of your ‘share an update’ column which shows your ability to publish something on LinkedIn. When you open the LinkedIn publisher, it looks and acts very much like WordPress. Along with that, when you publish a post, it appears on your LinkedIn profile and in the Pulse news feed also. So there should be no confusion in using this new platform.

LinkedIn facilitated the ability for people to now follow any other profile on LinkedIn. So members can gain followers and likes on their updates on the publishers platform. It is an all new platform which offers a new and refreshing experience with LinkedIn.

View Screenshots and more details here > LinkedIn Professional Publisher Opening Up

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