Mistakes to Avoid – IT candidates

There are a number of mistakes many candidates make during their job seeking experience which can potentially damage their chances of being successful.
If you have a number of IT skills it is always best to mention first, in the experience section of your CV, your most up to date skills and experience putting the aged technologies in the body of the text. You do not want to give the impression that you are out of touch with new technologies. If there is a skill set which you know you are particularly good at then don’t be afraid to say so.
Avoid typo/grammar errors on your CV. Although online grammar and spellcheckers are very efficient they do not guarantee an error free CV so get yours proofread by a colleague. This sounds very basic information but people do make errors and interviewers are unimpressed with this lack of attention to detail.
Many people just write the one CV and use it for all job applications. This can be the wrong option if you are multi-skilled as you should rewrite your CV with a heavy emphasis on a particular skill when applying for a job position featuring that skill.
Every candidate should have a detailed job seeking plan as having such a plan does improve your chances of gaining employment. Your plan should include items like targeted companies, job fairs, events and websites etc. It is important that you mix your experiences of both the online and the physical because you can pick up tips and job hints from the fairs and events by networking with similar candidates. Your job plan should be flexible enough to allow you to pursue opportunities that unexpectedly present themselves. You have to stay focused on your search and if you find yourself getting disheartened speak to your agency for some advice on getting back on track.
You should also be flexible about what sector or industry that you want to work in.

If you are a software developer who has always worked in a manufacturing sector then think about similar opportunities in financial services, healthcare etc as long as it’s your skill set people are looking for.

Above all stay focused and positive and good luck.

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