Negative Perception of Millennials? Here’s Why You Need Them in your Workforce!

When you think of the word ‘Millennial’, what pops into you head?
For many, negative descriptions such as egotistic, demanding and lazy come to mind. However, this is a built-up stereotype that’s created undesirable perceptions of the younger generation, especially when concerning the world of work!

Many opinions have been formed by following the crowd without fully getting to know all types of millennials, because after all, every generation has a variety of people and characteristics. If this is you, here’s why you need to take them more seriously, integrate them into your workplace, and ultimately, view the generation in a more positive light……

They are the future
There’s no two ways about it, baby boomers are leaving the workforce and the average 20-year-old is embarking on a 40 plus year career. A wise business leader would understand this, and welcome younger, less experienced workers into the company, giving them the opportunity to learn a wealth of knowledge from the senior workforce. Not only will this benefit them, it will provide a level of consistency and security for your business moving forward – It’s a no brainer!

The sky is the limit and further for our youngsters!
We now live in a visionary world, and millennials know exactly how to grasp this.

They are positive, goal driven and creative individuals, and will dream big for both personal and professional fulfilment. They aren’t scared to tell the world their goals – Like many other generations are. Although this is perceived as a negative trait, sharing your goals is known to increase your likelihood to achieve. Surely, you’d like to attract and increase your chances of success?

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Tech savvy
Do you know what’s trending today on the world wide web? (Probably not)…. Well I guarantee that most millennials could reel off this week’s online downlow, and this isn’t surprising. They have grown up surrounded by and have fully embraced technological advancements, meaning they have a natural competitive advantage embedded in their skillset.

With the online movement increasing and making its way into most industries, younger, on trend candidates should be the exact type of individuals companies are looking to bring into the mix.

Play hard…work harder
Of course, millennials are known for their partygoing lifestyle, but they are also extremely focused on their careers. They may not be the freshest in the office at 9am on a Monday morning, but they will work around the clock to finish their to-do list.

The working environment is changing, and our youngsters fit the bill. They are adaptable, collaborative, can work on the go and have fresh perspectives, along with holding multiple transferable skills to put forward – If that isn’t a selling point, I don’t know what is.

They want to make their mark
Now I can understand why this may be a little off-putting for hierarchical, micro managed companies, but for many it should be a breath of fresh air. Collaborating with individuals who have an entrepreneurial mindset, know exactly what they want out of their career and how they will go about this is extremely motivating.

Here’s some examples of successful young entrepreneurs who have made their mark in their industry and gone against the negative stigma attached to their generation.

Working culture
Going to a 9-5 job, clocking out and switching off is long gone, and millennials want to embrace this. They want to be fully involved with the company they work for, be included in any decisions made and have a socially integrated working culture. As more and more companies adopt this movement, bringing on this type of mentality can result in long-term company loyalty – The greatest way to support and retain the best talent!

Although the above won’t describe every single millennial on the planet, there is a large percentage who are being discriminated and put into a generalised category. The younger generation have countless positive characteristics that will benefit companies if they take the leap, go against the grain and incorporate millennials into their workforce.

From personal experience of collaborations, I can vouch for our youngsters and their hunger to succeed. If you take anything away from this blog, I hope it’s to get out there and support those 20 something year olds!

If you’re a company looking for someone who fits the above, email Searchability on [email protected] and we will help you find your next team member!

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