New Jobs Boost in UK Technology Sector

The UK Technology (Science and Engineering) Sector is very optimistic about the future and is the place to be as candidates with the relevant skills are the most employable people this year.  Employment trends in this sector are outstripping the rest of the UK Private sector as a whole according to a recent KPMG/Markit Tech Monitor UK report. The report shows that almost half the UK Technology Sector companies are planning new staff hires over the next year and recruitment in the sector is at a 3 year high.
The growth has been driven by the lowest rate of cost inflation in 4 years coupled with an increase in new work. According to Tim Moore of Markit the companies in this sector punch above their weight as regards the UK GDP.
Procorre at the same time are reporting that 11% of IT jobs are in the public sector compared to 5% in 2012. This figure compares to the 30% of public sector jobs pre election but the government strategy of “digital by default” should continue the trend upwards. The “digital by default” project aims are to simplify and make more accessible all the governments’ digital services thereby encouraging the general public to participate more.
The increasing confidence is driving companies to create more opportunities for technologists and Tim Moore said that “the latest survey suggests that the tech sector again outperformed the UK economy in terms of job creation reflecting widespread optimism that workloads will continue to expand over the months ahead”.
So all in all if you are a professional working within the UK Technology Sector things are looking pretty rosy as regards future job opportunities.


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