Social Media and Recruitment – a Marriage made in Heaven


The Social Media revolution has had a profound effect on the world of recruitment with most companies having hired through social media and many saying that it has led to increased quality of candidates. Many candidates are also using social media as their preferred medium when it comes to finding new jobs. Social Media has proved particularly successful in engaging “passive” candidates and adding them to the recruitment agency’s “talent pool”. These are people who are usually employed and are extremely proficient at what they do but are below the radar of the agencies and potential employers. They previously make no use of agencies and found work using their own networks and via word of mouth.

It would be safe to say that if you want to succeed in the recruitment business then you have to become proficient and expert in the use of social media.

Don’t just dive into social media in a haphazard way – get yourself a strategy first. Before you do anything with social media you must have a reason for doing it and have an expected outcome.

Know your audience and what your audience is likely to be doing; what networks are they operating in. Don’t just do things because everybody else does it, be inventive and creative and lead from the front and when blogging you must be original, write with passion, and add value and not just copy what’s already out there. Use pictures, videos and infographics, etc, liberally within your blogs and postings and don’t just rely on pages of plain text. People are attracted by visual elements and their use very much increases the chances of people reading and interacting with your content.

Build your company brand and become known for the quality and substance of the information you are putting out there. Your site needs to become an authority site for the sector/niche you are operating in. Ensure that you display consistency across all your social media activity and once started you must maintain your efforts, post regularly, keep yourself up to date with social media developments and it will reap benefits.

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