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Hi, my name is Lilyana Flon! Like many teenagers, I left school and went straight into college with a weekend job. I am now 19, 3 years down the line I’ve decided to start an apprenticeship at Searchability.

An apprenticeship never really occurred to me when leaving school as I had no idea and felt lost when it came to what I wanted in life. I chose to do Hair and Beauty in college… I didn’t end up staying for long as I knew that wasn’t the career path I wanted. I jumped from job to job from 16-19, which was mainly hospitality such as waitressing, barista work, bartending. 

I always had an eye for social media/marketing and business as I felt my attention for detail was spot on. I also have a creative mind which would be advantageous for what I wanted to do in the future.

My experience on the job so far has only been positive. I arrived on my first day and had an introductory meeting explaining the ‘ins and outs’ of Searchability and all the benefits you receive within the company. I was then able to proceed with the next few days feeling informed of what the job entailed.

Anyway, let’s move forward, here’s a few reasons why an apprenticeship could benefit you!

Learning on the Job

A big plus to an apprenticeship is that I’m learning on the job and earning money while doing so. Being surrounded by other people that are experienced & enjoy their job makes learning so much easier, more enjoyable and quicker. Having the support of other colleagues can make a massive difference.

Everyday I’m learning more and more about what Searchability stands for. Here’s just a few examples of what my role as a Business & Marketing apprentice consists of: making changes and updates to websites, reaching out to clients via phone/email with candidate care support, creating written content such as blogs, polls and social media posts.

Improving Employability

Starting an apprenticeship can really benefit employability in the future, if you’d like to stay where you are by the end of the contract that can always be a possibility, never be shy to ask your employer. Or moving onto the next, you have tons of experience under your belt to help you along the way, anything is possible.

With my role I will receive a qualification at the end of my apprenticeship, and much more such as communication skills, social media marketing, business development etc, which I can include in my CV. Klickstarters by Searchability offer a CV builder to help generate a perfect CV, all it takes are a few easy steps and you’ll be ready for the job hunt. For more information, click this link:

Work / Life Balance & Benefits

A huge shift to me when leaving hospitality was the work life balance I now have. I went from working late nights, weekends and bank holidays, to working Monday to Friday days. Finishing around the same time as a lot of my friends and being able to do things I used to miss out on is delightful! Being only 19 you can feel that you miss out on a lot when working on the weekend, and feel as if you’re “wasting your teenage years away”.

Working with Searchability I’ve received so many benefits on top of already a great job and qualifications, such as student discounts, help with dental care, cycle to work scheme and the list goes on! Another great benefit is every #FirstFriday of the month we hold a little get together to celebrate the previous month’s achievements – our most recent was fancy dress as Heroes vs Villains to raise money for the charity Mind. The Searchability team also annually attends the Chester Races together – being able to get all dolled up and celebrate with your colleagues can bring you together and help form friendships in the workplace, which I know can be daunting when first starting a job.

Feeling Accomplished

When leaving school I felt so lost and confused as I left in the year of COVID-19 which meant I was unable to sit my GCSE’s, unable to attend prom, and on top of that was stuck inside for months which took a big toll on my mental and physical health. I would let my thoughts take over such as being unsuccessful and not knowing what I wanted as a career path. After a year or so I started thinking about what I wanted in life and how I could achieve it.

It was only the year of 2023 that I decided to start looking for an apprenticeship and I landed myself an interview at Searchability. After preparing myself for this I was told they would like to offer me the job, I was over the moon and couldn’t remember the last time I felt this ecstatic over an opportunity. I was in awe as I felt this role was more career driven and a life long path with incredible benefits in the future compared to what I had done previously.

Support & Respect

Working in the office surrounded by people who can support you with any aspect of the job can be such a weight off your shoulders, asking questions no matter how stupid you think you sound. I’ve felt very much supported and respected and never like a burden since being here.

The office atmosphere also makes the day go so much quicker, as everyone on the team is so kind, welcoming and lively, it’s a great vibe in and outside of work.

If you are like me and confused on what you want to do in the future, but like the sound of what an apprenticeship entails, get in touch with our sister brand Klickstarters at [email protected] or alternatively, call our Chester Office (01244 739 999), Birmingham Office (0121 651 1863), or London Office (0203 343 6719). A member of our team will be waiting to take your call and be happy to assist you on your next steps!

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