The Changing Market Means Changing Your Job Hunting Approach



Today’s job market is a whole new ball game. So your job hunting approach needs to change too. Job seekers in this new market are often having a lot of anxiety when it comes to figuring out exactly what employers are looking for. Recruiters are being bombarded with resumes making their expectations very high for possible candidates.

Should job seekers start utilising Social Media?

We use it in our everyday lives – so yes – it is absolutely necessary to use social media when looking for a job. LinkedIn is one of the main sources that employers are turning to. Take advantage of the summary section in LinkedIn and share your passions.

The basics of job searching have not changed. What areas should job seekers focus on when looking for a job?

Personal presentation such as appearance is still a must. Clean, groomed and being well dressed is key. Also, make sure that your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

How should job seekers tailor their basic job searching strategies?

You have to know the field and the industry you are going for. Research the companies you are most interested in and learn everything you can about them. Looking the part is also a key part in landing the job of your dreams. If it is a creative position you are set on you must have a creative sense of style and appearance.

As the world continues to change the ever growing job market is changing with it. Job seekers must reevaluate everything they have been taught about landing a job. Be creative, do your research and become the employee that you would want to hire.

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