The World of Work is Changing – Are you ready?

When you think of the workplace, what pops into your head? The world of work is usually perceived as a structured 9-5 role, with little control of opportunities to transform the industry. Most people clock in, clock out and close the book once the clock hits home time. However, the workplace is changing as new trends and desires emerge… And not only for jobseekers, this will also affect employers and the opportunities they can offer!

Now the change in dynamic is mostly down to technological advancements and Gen Z’s shift in perception of how to make a living, and of course, as they are the up and coming workforce to enter the market, adaptions are having to be made to attract them – To grasp their desires, click here.

However, the adaptions will not only affect them, it will also have an influence on your current career and its future! Read on to gain an insight of what is to come, and how employers will be changing their workplaces and roles to cater to this movement…

Artificial Intelligence

Now I’m sure you’ve heard how Artificial Intelligence will take over most industries and how this will affect the future of certain roles?

There’s a stigma circulating how robots will begin to take over, leaving employees unemployed, however, this isn’t fully the case…. machines will take over mundane, straightforward tasks, providing you with more time for creative, significant jobs.

Ultimately, it will enrich your role while also creating over 500,000 more jobs over the next few years! 

Flexible working – Changing conditions

Wouldn’t we all love flexibility? Well this is what’s to come….

As the demand for remote and flexible opportunities increase, there’s significant pressure on employers to provide this to stand out. Now not all employers currently offer this and fail to understand the benefits of providing on the go working as an option, however if they hope to remain competitive, this will be a vital strategy to follow.

If that is you, here’s some ways to adapt your workplace to support a free, technology driven team!

If you’re an employee who loves routine, do not panic. Although this will be changing workplace dynamics, offices won’t completely disappear from the face of the earth – In fact, we will see a rise in co-working spaces!

The rise of the entrepreneur

Over the last few years we have seen a significant rise of entrepreneurs with a forecast of continued growth well into the future. With more and more people craving the freedom to pursue their passions and transform them into their everyday living, freelance and contract roles will begin to make their way onto the job boards.

Employers – Will you incorporate these types of employees into your workplace to remain competitive?
Employees– Would this way of working fit your work ethic or is a permanent, full-time structure for you?

Demand of tech skills

With advancements of new technologies, IT/tech skills are highly sought after in most industries. With that being said, one of the best ways you can remain desirable in the job market is to move with those advancements.

“So it doesn’t matter what your job is. You have to be comfortable continuously learning and reinventing yourself.”

Above are a few words from Josh Bersin, founder of Deloitte who concurs on the topic of workplace adaptions, mainly made by technology. Click here to read his full views of how the workplace will be changing, and how both employers and employees need to work continuously on their skill to maintain their competitiveness.

Furthermore, incorporating the education of technology is on the rise as schools are increasing children’s visibility and understanding, preparing them for their future careers.  Although this isn’t for everyone, technology will always play a vital part therefore, teaching our future leaders the ropes now will provide a greater outcome long-term.

Now although these trends won’t make an instant appearance, to give yourself the best advantage (both employee and employer), embracing them and ensuring you are prepared is the best route to take. Not all will affect your role, and some will bring out the best in your work… therefore the most ideal thing to do is to adapt your mindset and understand that these changes will improve your workplace/role.

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