Things you have to do get on, or up that job ladder.

So you have just received another job rejection or you have been passed over for promotion again and are feeling pretty down and sorry for yourself.
Something has to change, what?
What do those who seemingly effortlessly climb their ladders have that you don’t?
How do you master the job hunt?
You do it by both having the right skill-set and also more importantly the know-how of how to get through what are in many cases extremely stressful job seeking experiences.
You’ve heard it before but it’s absolutely true that you have to play on your positives and not dwell your negatives. If you are not successful at one interview then it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Think about what you have achieved in your life and what you could have offered that last potential employer. Think about what opportunities they have lost by not hiring you and work on your positives ready for the next interview. In preparation for that next interview do you have anything that preys on your mind as not being quite right and makes you nervous about repeating the experience.

If the answer is yes then now is the time to get it right whether it is your CV, get it critiqued, your answers to anticipated questions, your delivery or any gaps in your work experience.

Work now on the answers, and practice your delivery with good friends.
You next have to think about why you actually need a job. Is it something that you just have to get in order to basically live – to feed yourself/you family, to pay for your booze, mortgage etc or actually is it a lot bigger than all of these important as they are? Why are you here, why are you alive, what is your purpose living on this earth? Is there a passion about your existence, something you must strive to do and can only do using work as your vehicle?  Achieving this mindset changes the dynamic of the job hunt from being just a chore to it being a part of the process you are following to achieve your passion.
During your job hunting process you must not expect everything to be smooth and trouble free. Things do go wrong, that’s Life. Cars and lifts do breakdown, drinks do get spilt. A brave job hunter pursuing their passion doesn’t allow such things to get them down; they deal with them having done their upmost in preventing these setbacks in the first place.
During the interview you have to appear confident but never arrogant. Tell them what you have achieved previously and not what they should be doing now with their company. They are probably very proud of what they have built and achieved and will not take kindly of a candidate telling them what they are doing wrong. Leave that until such time as you have got the job. Understand the business you are interviewing for and try an identify problems or complaints you have read about and work on what you say you can do to help solve some of these issues. The internet is a wonderful tool to use for this purpose. Basically tell them what you will bring to their business and what they will get if they hire you.
Finally if you are unsuccessful try to analyse what you think went wrong and what you could have done better so that next time you will be better prepared.
Remember Job Hunting should not be a chore but a process of achieving your passion.

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