Top 10 IT jobs of 2014 so far

If you’re in the market for an IT job, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to find any brand new core skills that stand out from last year. You can expect that 2014 isn’t the year where anything drastically new and exciting in the way of what technology skills employers are looking for reveals itself.

Jack Cullen, president of Modis, an IT staffing firm, said in a recent interview, “There’s nothing that I would say is the new ‘hottest thing ever’ coming in 2014.”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for graduates.

So, here are the eight top IT jobs of the year: –

1. Business intelligence designers.

This simply means that the worker can turn vital information into stuff that business units can use and easily understand. There is a demand for more designers and developers in this area where experts can help others to interpret and present data and information more meaningfully.

2. “Big Data” experts.

Hiring in this category is predicted to go up in 2014. It’s not new, but it’s really beginning to take off. “The area where I think we’ll see some pickup, that people are still trying to figure out, is this whole world around big data – whether it’s products like Hadoop or big data analytics or other relevant skills”, Cullen said of this area.

3. Linux Professionals.

Despite Linux not being one of the most popular systems out there today, there is still a consistent demand for IT people to fill professional positions. So, there will be a constant need for IT pros with Linux experience in the coming year.

4. Mobile Developers.

Due to the continued huge growth in the use of mobiles and tablets, IT professionals with mobile development skills are always in high demand. Right now there are never enough professionals to fill available positions and IT service providers are making a small fortune building mobile solutions for their clients. Demand will remain very high here for the foreseeable future.

5. DevOps Experts Specializing in Cloud and Mobile.

DevOps experience is in high demand right now, and that is going to continue throughout the year. Needless to say, IT pros with DevOps skills and experience in mobile apps and cloud infrastructure can pretty much expect to gain employment quickly in this market.

6. Java and .NET Developers.

Java and .NET programmers are said to not have any trouble finding employment this year. Application development simply cannot run without these two platforms.

7. Small and midsize business IT Pros.

This is more or less a growing employer pool rather than a specific skill set. More and more companies are expanding out, rather than having one or two IT Pros, there is now demand for four or five. This growth is due in part to the competitive advantages that IT is expected to deliver, as well as the thirst for solid business growth. But above all, more SMB’s are realizing how IT investments can aid in cutting costs and enabling the business to work more effectively.

8. Project Managers and Business Analysts.

These are both old titles in the IT business, but employers are seeking more and more specific skill sets within these areas. So rather than bringing in a basic PM or BA, they’re looking for specific skills within their titles.

All in all, there is a high demand for many types of IT professionals, but they are more or less in the same areas as years past. But this is still good news for IT job hunters of any and all skill levels.

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