Use Rejection to get stronger




First let me make it clear that nobody likes rejection but learning from it, to achieve your ultimate goal, is a life skill that we should all learn at the earliest opportunity.
Everybody suffers rejection at various points in their lives and it’s how that rejection is handled that makes it a potential game changer.  Rejection should not mean dejection but should mean elation because you have learnt something about yourself that you can put right ready for the next time.
So how do you accept rejection and learn to overcome your fears?
When preparing for an interview you will benefit from factoring in the possibility that you may in fact be rejected because doing so enables you to accept that rejection in a much more controlled and positive way. People who go into interviews fully expecting to get an offer often are so surprised that they lose their composure.

What is definately  beneficial  is to have some feedback as to why you were not considered suitable for a particular post.  If you are not offered some then do not be afraid to ask for it. You won’t always get feedback but when you do its content is invaluable

After being rejected it is essential that you remain confident because it’s a truism that people prefer confident people although being too confident takes you potentially into the realms of arrogance which as you can guess, nobody likes. Learn the right body language that displays a confident person. Examples of such body language are maintaining eye to eye contact, and open shoulders. Strangely enough is the fact that somebody demonstrating mild humility and  embarrassment are also traits attractive to an interviewe/employer  as such behaviours are  considered by many to make better employees.

Finally if you really are struggling to accept rejection you could always try some rejection  therapy techniques which involve you seeking rejection on a daily basis. This can be quite daunting at first because approaching strangers with weird requests, kiss me, hug me etc, inviting rejection, does not come naturally to most But it does get you use to rejection.

I cannot emphasize enough the benefit of learning to handle rejection as it will equip you with some invaluable life-skills. Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator)

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