Utilising Social Media For The Big Job Hunt

utilising social media for job hunting

Let’s face it, we all use social media to some degree – but how will your online presence showcase your life when it comes time for a potential future employer to Google your name? Okay, you restricted your college-years Facebook profile and “opinionated” Twitter- but there’s a whole different world out there to explore, and make prevalent to any future employer.

How can utilising social media with my online presence help me with finding a job?

You have to join the two biggies in the business social media world: LinkedIn and Google+. Ah, yes, they are the ones that the public sees as less-utilized- but not among hiring managers and the HR department that holds your resume.

What exactly is LinkedIn, and why do I need it?

LinkedIn is, essentially, what you make of it; you can file out a basic nondescript profile (with job titles, a rough description of your capabilities, etc), but that won’t help you. Explore the site, go in-depth about what you have done (and even more-so about what you are capable of!), and take their career aptitude test, as it will give your future employers and contacts a better sense of who you are- not to mention get you rained higher on Google results.

I have Google+ already… I think… Don’t I?

If you have a gmail account, yes, you do probably have a Google+ account, but you aren’t using it properly. For example, the visual aspect of Google+ allows you to use it as a type of portfolio- shared articles, examples of work, various updates, etc. Another practical aspect platform allows you to network within “circles,” in order to get the right information to the right people.

You need to jump online, join these sites (if you haven’t already), and ramp up your profiles. Social media is proving itself to be the most resourceful and accessible way to improve your online presence!

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