Why Getting A Call From A Recruiter Can Be The Gift You Didn’t Realise You Needed This Christmas


Coming up to the end of 2016 you may begin to re-evaluate your current working situation, or may not even realise you are in the market for a new job. Out of the blue you may get a call from a recruiter from a CV you forgot you had on a job board and before you know it, they are describing your dream next career move. People are sometimes hesitant to trust recruiters to find them their next role. The truth is getting a call from a recruiter could be the gift you didn’t realise you needed this Christmas. Here’s why:

Recruiters Know People:

A recruiter’s job is to get on the good side of the key stake holders and hiring managers at the companies you want to work. This means that they are likely to be able to get you in front of people that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to get an audience with. If you are being championed by a trusted recruiter, your chance of getting an interview increases greatly, along with your potential opportunity for a new job.

They’ll Get You A Deal:

Recruiters get paid when you do so they will work to get you the best package possible, whether that’s on your salary or your soft benefits. As a candidate you don’t have to pay them a penny, so having a recruiter do the negotiating for you can avoid any awkward feelings you may have when upping your salary. Plus, you can have as many recruiters working on your behalf as you like, so in terms of getting your CV out their having 5 trying to get you the best possible deal can lighten your load in your job search.

They’ll Sell You In To The Business:

Recruiters mostly come from a sales background so they’ll be able to portray you in a way that most fits the company you are applying for. It’s not only about getting your CV out there, it’s ensuring that you are going to enjoy being a part of the business you are interviewing at. Recruiters are highly skilled at identifying where individual’s talents lie, they will be able to pick out the key skills you have and push these in the application process.

Honest Feedback:

You may believe that your CV is perfect for the roles you’re applying for, when in fact you are massively missing the mark. Having a recruiter look over your application will give them the opportunity to help you to target your application based on corporate company knowledge and ultimately get you through to the important interview phase.


Hannah Ryle – Employer Brand Consultant

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