Why you REALLY didn’t get the job

Why you REALLY didn’t get the job

With tough competition in the job market it has become increasingly difficult for candidates to even make it to the interview stage. Your CV is competing against hundreds of other applicants with similar skillset to yours, so when you are asked to meet the hiring manager you know you have a much better chance of walking away with the job you want. That being said many of us are still faced with the heartache of rejection after the interview doesn’t go as planned. Want to know Why you REALLY didn’t get the job? Here are a few possible explanations:


Because you were late

Punctuality is one of the most important traits that is looked for in a new employee. If you can’t be on time for an interview how can they rely on you to get to work on time every day? Some employers will discount any applicants who are late, regardless of their skillset and experience, so do yourself a favour and get there 5-10 minutes before your interview is scheduled for!

Because you were underdressed

Now I know they say “never judge a book by its cover”, but whoever came up with that phrase obviously wasn’t faced with someone turning up to an interview in a pair of trainers and a hoodie. Not sure what to wear? Play it safe and dress smartly with attention to you appearance so that you look and feel your best.

Because you didn’t own the interview

You need to impress your interviewer in a short space of time – that means fusing the right amount of charisma, personality and knowledge and delivering it in a concise and impressive manner to the interviewer. They already have your CV so your personality needs to do the work to nail the interview. Don’t sit back and give short responses – be present and own the interview!

Because you rambled on

Now there’s “owning the interview” with a sharp personality and there’s taking over the interview where a candidate rambles on and doesn’t let the interviewer get a word in edgeways! Try and be concise with your responses and don’t go off on a complete tangent!

Because you asked the wrong questions

It’s encouraged to ask questions in an interview but try and focus on things like “What technologies are you guys using?” or “Are there many new projects coming up in this area?” etc. Try not to focus on things like “What are the working hours?” or “How much is the staff discount?” etc. I know these things are important too but you want to sound enthusiastic about the job rather than the perks first!

Because you didn’t sell yourself

Many of us find it difficult to brag about ourselves – it seems inherently non British to do so! The truth is you absolutely MUST sell yourself, because if you don’t believe you should be hired, why would they? You don’t have to sit there talking about how great you are – just explain how you have the skills / experience required and be as positive as possible!

Because you were overqualified

This is a difficult one to hear but it is common for people to be turned down because they are overqualified. It is usually because they can’t afford the salary you require, or that they feel you wouldn’t stay in a role that is beneath your skillset. Good news is many companies will remember candidates that impressed them and contact them if more suitable opportunities arise within the future!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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