Winning the Interview Game




When qualified and less qualified individuals are invited to interview for a position, in many cases, the candidate with less job experience or weaker credentials gets hired. To the qualified individual, this does not make sense. He or she may be thinking of how a company would not chose them based on their years of experience in their profession. The answer to this is in their presentation, which is the number one reason why those individuals are being invited for interviews, but are not being offered jobs.

The three main characteristics an individual needs to possess in creating a memorable presentation is enthusiasm, passion, and presence. Hiring managers are interested in candidates who excite them into feeling like these are individuals who will be dedicated to the job and provide a lovable personality that will fit well in the company. When a hiring manager senses that a candidate does not possess these qualities, it does not matter how intelligent or accomplished the candidate is since hiring managers will not be interested in hiring him or her. Hiring managers will instead interpret that candidate’s personality as suspicious or having a negative attitude.

In conclusion, the most important factor in determining whether a candidate will succeed in being offered a job during an interview is in a candidate’s presentation. A hiring manager wants to hire an individual who possesses enthusiasm, passion, and presence. They are able to sense whether these characteristics come genuinely “from the heart” or whether they are scripted. A candidate needs to make sure they are adequately prepared so that they are able to be offered the job. If a candidate follows this advice, they will have more of a chance in being offered job opportunities and be able to grow in their career.

You need to learn how to win the Interview game as well as having all the necessary experience and qualifications. This is not easy but a necessity if you want to get that dream job.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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