Yorkshire company helps Winter Olympics

Electricity consumption at the Winter Olympics in Sochi was monitored with innovative technology from a West Yorkshire company.

Designed and manufactured by ND Metering Solutions in Bradford, several hundred Cube IP 400 Internet enabled electricity consumption meters were provided for the event at a cost of £55,000.

Energy consumption from different aspects of the event are being monitored by the panel mounted meters.

Each of the meters is fitted with an internal network interface which is plugged into a local intranet, with its energy supply and quality data then being shared between different management systems.

ND Metering founder and Director Kris Szajdzicki, said: “The type and volume of equipment supplied will allow the organisers to connect them into the main power supplies for a whole stadium, the lighting, heating or air conditioning and plug it into an intranet so real-time data can be interrogated by facilities managers so they can instantly understand what is happening and react quickly if problems occur.

“This model of the Cube IP 400 enables multiple user access
 so each person can collect different data relevant to their role such as energy management, demand control and power quality, at the same time, which makes the system versatile and cost-effective.”

ND Metering Solutions was founded as a partnership in 1965 and employs 36 staff with a turnover of £3 million. Its products are exported worldwide, including as far as Anatarctica.

Meanwhile, a new fund to tackle long term unemployment among 18-24 year olds in the Leeds region will launch in March 2014.

Leeds City Region has been awarded £4.6 million from the government to deliver the ’18-24 Head Start’ programme to help young people find work.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for leisure and skills said: “Getting young people into work is a real priority for the council and it is great that we will be working with and supporting local businesses to ensure that young people can access new opportunities that will give them a new start. We have a number of very talented, job ready youngsters keen to get jobs, but in a market where there are at least four jobseekers to every vacancy it can be hard to find work without experience that demonstrates you have the ability to do the job.

“This new scheme will therefore allow us to continue to meet local business needs and offer unemployed young people, the additional help and support they may need.”

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