You’re Hired! What Businesses are Looking for in a Candidate

You’re Hired! What Businesses are Looking for in a Candidate

As a job seeker, you probably have already updated your CV or resume and starting hitting the interview trail hard. If you are lucky enough to get an interview, make sure that you use that time to it’s full potential.

What kind of of answers are interviewers looking for in a candidate ?

Vague questions can lead to vague answers. So you really need to make sure you take advantage of these kind of questions with strong pointed answers. Practicing ahead of time and having some succinct responses ready in case a question falls flat is a great idea. Get a friend or coworker to help you practice ahead of the interview.

How do I get across my real strengths?

It’s not about just you, it’s also about what you can provide and what value you can add. Don’t just list off what you are good at. List a strength and then explain why this strength that you have will be an asset to the company. This will get you much further in the interview, and the interviewers will begin to see you in the role and what you will be able to provide. Paint a picture of how you can add value in the interviewers mind.

What if interview questions seem a bit too open ended?

Only listing your strengths though can boring. A story of success in your last job, or even overcoming failure, is going to engage interviewers more, and set you apart from others in the applicant pool. Using real tangible measurable examples will make you seem more realistic. Jot down 3 or 4 real achievements that you have delivered over the last 12 months and make them realistic by memorising the associated numbers or metrics.

Nailing the interview is perhaps the most critical part of the whole job application process. Going in with the right per-prepared stories, data and attitude will give you the advantage over other applicants.

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